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Version Control in HPE ALM | The basics

Just like versioning of any piece of code/software which enables us to keep track of the changes we make to the code, we also can implement version control feature in ALM (or Quality center) to track the changes made to test entities of ALM.

Version control in HPE ALM

Note: Turning this feature ON in ALM does not mean that it will be implemented across all the projects.

Version Control | What it means to us?

Once we enable Version Control in a project, to make changes to an ALM entity (test cases – functional or manual, excel sheets, other resources) in a version control enabled project, we must first check-out the entity.

When we check-out an entity, ALM locks the entity, preventing other users from overwriting any changes we make. The checked-out version of the entity is not visible to other users. So no conflicts!

When we finish making the changes, we must check-in the entity. The new version of the entity is then available to other users.

Impact on the test entities

All the test entities currently available or newly created in ALM will now have this feature and will no more allow the changes to be directly made without check-out and check-in.

This feature will not be available when accessing ALM through the web-client. So we should access ALM through desktop client only.

How to Check-out

Once this feature is enabled for your project, we will start getting the below pop-up in ALM whenever we are trying to update any test entity:

Checkout popup

We must add a meaningful comment as per the changes we are doing in the test case and click on ‘OK’.

Once a test case is checked-out, a lock symbol will appear next to it in the test plan.Checkout icon

Post making the required updates, one must remember to check-in.

How to Check-in

On the Top right corner of ALM, under the logout link, we will notice a Check-in button (enabled once anything is checked out by us).Checkin

Click on the same button and the below pop up will be displayed:


This will have an entry for all the test entities checked-out by us.

Select the row and click on ‘Check-in’. Add comments if any and the entity is no more checked out by us. The changes you made are now submitted to the ALM server.

Note: If we click on ‘Undo check Out’, the changes made by us will be NOT be saved in ALM and we will have to update again. So we must think twice before selecting that.

Best Practices to follow:

  1. Whenever we are trying to make any change/update on any test entity, it is our individual responsibility to Check-in the same entity once we are done with the updates.
  2. We must add small yet meaningful comments when we are checking-out any test entity be it a test case or an excel attachment.
  3. Version control is not a back-up Database, so as far as possible we should refrain from restoring the previous version of an entity unless urgent.
  4. For the entities related to automation, functional team should discuss with the Automation team in case they need to access any automation resource for reference and only then proceed.

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