UFT Basics

UFT Classes #5: UFT is not free! First identify your required Licensing Model.

As you all might know – HP UFT is a commercial (licensed) tool. There are two main types of UFT licenses:

HP UFT License

UFT Seat License

“Seat” here refers to a particular machine. Seat License is tied to the “computer on which it is installed”. The trial or a demo license of UFT is a seat license which has a validity of 30 days.

UFT Concurrent License (also known as floating license)

A pool of licenses are assigned to the concurrent license server (installed in your office/local network). Let’s say your company has purchased 50 concurrent licenses of UFT. All these 50 licenses would be assigned to the license server. Now at any point of time, maximum 50 people in the local network of your company can work on UFT.

  • Commuter License: a special type of concurrent license which can be used when you don’t have access to the license server. Say you need to travel on work where you can’t connect to your company’s concurrent license server. In that case checkout a license from the concurrent license server for ‘n’ days where n <= 180 >> go about your work >> and check-in back the license to the pool upon return. The duration during which the licensed is checked out, it will behave like a seat license on your machine.
  • Remote Commuter License: This is used when you want a license for a particular machine (say D’s machine) but D’s machine is not able to connect to the license server for checkout purposes. In that case, you would take help of a machine (say A’s machine) which is able to connect to the license server and checkout a license for D’s machine.

UFT License is sold to organizations and not to individuals. Typically a Concurrent license is more costly than a seat license. Moreover License cost depends on the region, location, organization, the number of add-ins, etc. It is advisable to get in touch with HP sales representative.

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