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UFT Classes #3: The power to automate almost ANY application type | Understanding UFT Add-ins

Simply put, Add-in is a device or piece of software that can be added to a computer to give extra features or functions. You must have heard about excel add-ins or browsers add-on. Similarly HP UFT too relies on certain add-ins which provide it with the incredible power to automate almost any application!

UFT Add-ins
HPE UFT Add-ins

UFT supports automation for wide range of development environment like Windows (.Net, Java), Web, SAP, Oracle, etc. And this is made possible by the corresponding UFT Add-ins you install. Its like knowing the requirements prior to the start of testing 🙂 Yeah! UFT add-ins are that important, so pay attention.

We hope you understand the basics of Windows application, Web application, SAP, Delphi, Java application, etc.? It’s nothing but the development environment or the technology used for application’s development. And via Add-ins we are telling UFT in advance, that we want to automate what all type of technologies (Applications). For example – We want to automate “Facebook” web application. What if we don’t install the ‘UFT Web Add-in’? Simple – UFT will not be able to correctly identify the Web Objects within Facebook, & will try identify them as standard Windows objects (Winobject). Result – Automation failure!

  • You can install UFT add-ins (which will be available to select at UFT launch) when you install UFT, or you can install the add-ins at a later time by running the installation again in Modify mode.
  • When UFT opens, you can choose which of the installed add-ins you want to load using the Unified Functional Testing Add-In Manager dialog box, but to maximize performance, you should load only the add-ins you need for that testing session.
  • UFT includes built-in support for testing standard Windows applications. Standard Windows testing support is automatically loaded when UFT opens.
  • Default Add-in: ActiveX, Visual Basic and Web

After you load an add-in, you can record and run tests or business components on applications in the corresponding development environment. When you work with UFT add-ins, you can use special methods, properties, and various special options to create the best possible test or business component for your application.

Add-ins listActiveX, Visual Basic, Web, Delphi, Flex, Java, .NET, Oracle, PeopleSoft, PowerBuilder, Qt, SAP, Siebel, Stingray, Terminal Emulator (for Mainframe applications), VisualAge, Mobile application, etc.

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