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What are some typical Mobile App errors & defects?

Developing a great mobile app needn’t be a complex science, although perfecting the art of getting it right should be upheld with great importance. The app market is maturing. As a result there are some great examples of excellently performing apps and equally a plethora of poorly performing ones; the latter of which become too hard to recall as they, too easily, become forgettable for their failure to make any sort of impact on their users.

A mobile device performs a lot of functions simultaneously – connectivity, location, lighting, UX, Functions, Battery Use, Data Handling, Touch screen, Sensors, etc. To uncover the defects and the errors in mobile app a proper Test Strategy needs to be implemented with great precautions. But what are the common Mobile App Errors or Defects? Let me try & answer this…

App crashes

The most popular & annoying defect an App can have! Different handsets with different versions and a jittery internet causes the application to crash. Such crashes are hard to catch as it may never come in the general testing scenarios. Best way to capture is to make alpha, beta release and constantly monitor the crash reports via google analytics or some other analytics.


The most popular parameter of an App success! The users may even not realize why they avoid interacting with an app. Wrong colors combinations (background, text or other objects), necessity to type much, flickering objects on the screens, App load time, Screen orientation, text selection, scrolling, navigation, etc. can cause great trouble. Issues with UX are likely to kill your app faster than anything else; apps that haven’t placed enough emphasis on this are likely to be illogical, unnatural to use and not flow, as the user would expect.

Memory & Data Consumption

Mobile App Memory Usage

OMG! This App takes a chunk of my limited storage and eats up the RAM when functioning. Why is my smartphone so slowwww when running this App? What! Half of my data plan is consumed by this one nonsense App. Forget it, Uninstall – problem solved. We all have encountered one such App which is heavy on Memory usage.

Connection Speed

“This App needs a high bandwidth signal strength to operate”, result – Uninstalled. Since a mobile application can be used in different carrier and in varying connection speed, performance can vary from one connection to another. Therefore, make sure that app should be tested on different carriers for ensuring the performance of application as per the expected goal.

Data Transmission

“They haven’t tested it properly. Every time I try sending multiple videos the App hangs”. App errors during data transmission can force Users to uninstall it within hours of downloading it.

Mobile App Data Transmission

Screen Size

Every time I use this App I have to scroll right & left, Top & down. Screen size inconsistency is one of the important consideration while performing a wild test on your application. As application can be used on different devices like mobile, tablets, etc., hence it is to be checked, how much a user needs to scroll the page horizontally / vertically for complete view.

Battery Usage

WTF! I use this App for half an hour and it drains out the battery. With Smartphones still struggling to tackle the Battery usage problem, this is a hidden important factor for any App’s consideration.


Mobile App Data Security

What if the photos you shared over an App are leaked? Scary? Yeah, sue them. Mobile devices face an array of threats that take advantage of numerous vulnerabilities. Increased risk exists that unauthorized users could gain access to sensitive information. Wireless transmissions are not always encrypted. Information such as e-mails sent by a mobile device is usually not encrypted while in transit. In addition, many applications do not encrypt the data they transmit and receive over the network, making it easy for the data to be intercepted.

Touch Screen

Touch screen is a complex and sophisticated part of a device. Touch screens are equipped with many sensors enabling them to receive and interpret various signals. Touch screen is one of the elements that should be given due consideration during mobile application testing, especially in Gaming Apps.


The most obvious factor in Mobility world! The mobile app hangs or cannot restore itself when battery strength low or after an incoming SMS, Calls, MMS, etc.

Error Messages

“Don’t know what is the problem, but it just doesn’t function”! Error messages should be well configured for every situation and should be clear & to the point.

The above provided details are important to understand the common areas in mobile app where errors or defects can be seen usually. Please share your feedback or any such experience, so that I can add more details into this content.

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