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Hello Friends,

Deepanshu Agarwal

I am Deepanshu Agarwal, a Software Testing professional & Consultant with a proven track record of strategic QA vision. I started my professional journey back in Jan’2010 and was soon introduced to the world of ‘Software Testing’. Soon after, the terminology changed to ‘Quality Assurance’ keeping in mind Customer satisfaction & need for maintaining the overall quality. I am passionate about this field & want to evolve with technology.

The ever-growing market & technology advancements pose a great challenge for organizations, businesses and QA alike. There is an immediate need for testing professionals who are technical as well as good at common sense (the most important trait for a tester).

I started this website with the aim of learning & simultaneously sharing the knowledge and experience with the Testing community. I believe when you write what you have learned, it is more impactful. This is my try to share everything I learn & on the way I hope people can join me in this network and share & learn.


  • I’m not an expert – but a quick-learner, self-motivated achiever & always open to Technical as well as Business Domain learning.
  • I’m not a founder of any start-up 🙂 just this website!

I love writing and music & movies (Bollywood). I live in Bengaluru (India), with my lovely wife 🙂

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As with anything, I need your support to expand the reach & effectiveness of STS. There is huge amount of knowledge out there, which will take me years to cover. Let’s speed up!

Join me in STS vision and share your knowledge by writing quality articles for STS on any related topic. It can be anything related to Software Testing, Automation, Industry wisdom, Tools, Technology, or even your personal experience.

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Any Feedback?

Feedback is the key to improvement. I would love to hear your suggestions, comments or advice –  any ideas for improvement, popular topics, queries or just a simple ‘Hi’.

Thank you for your valuable time. Together let’s grow the Testing community!

Cheers to Good Health!

Deepanshu Agarwal