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Test Starter | ‘Strategize’ & ‘Plan’ your career, Finalize on the ‘approach’ & practice some ‘Techniques’!

What’s your strategy & approach to career development? Already planned it? Or still planning? You can surely utilize some industry-proven techniques, right? Similarly ‘Software Testing’ is also a process which involves strategy, approach, proper planning & using the best techniques. But before jumping on to these terminologies, first & foremost – Test Strategy & Test Plan are actual documents whereas Test Approach & Test Technique are conceptual. Test Strategy document will include your project’s particular Test Approach, apart from other details.

Test Strategy (What, Where, Who, Why, How)

What is your strategy to career advancement? Which technology to learn & master? Service or a Start-up? Which company to join? What material is required for training? Decided on your mentor? What’s your Plan B? Any risk you foresee?

In a similar way, before commencement of any Testing project the management first devises a Test Strategy document covering the Methodology, Test Approach, Scope of testing, Types of testing to be covered, Environment details, Resource requirements, Test Cycles, RAID (Risk, Assumption, Issues & Dependency), etc.

Test Approach (How)

What is your approach to career advancement? Which all skills to develop? Automation? Yeah! What about Managerial & Team management skills? Business & Domain knowledge? What if you don’t get a promotion this year? What will be your approach?

Test Approach

A Test approach defined how testing would be carried out. Will it start together with the development process (Proactive) or after the build is developed (Reactive)? Code analysis will be carried out as part of Testing (White-box)? Or will it be functional tests only (Black-box)? Will you review the code & documents (Static)? Or just execute the test cases against the application under test (Dynamic)? Will it all be Manual or the team will utilize any automation tool? What if time is limited? Will you test the critical functionalities first (Risk-based) in that case? Or testing based on past failures?

Test Plan (Test Strategy + When)

Now that you have defined your approach & strategy to career advancement, what’s your plan? I.e. the milestones. What are your timely goals? Like mastering HP UFT in next 3 months. Or getting a promotion in next 1 year.

Test Planning

The Test Plan document list your Test approach & all the details included in the Test Strategy – together with the timelines. What will be the timelines in case you follow agile methodology? What if it’s Waterfall model? When will each test phase start & end? What will be the deliverables at each phase & corresponding reporting structure?

Test Techniques (Wow)

Any technique or method that you use to ease the work. Generally there are some industry-accepted techniques for Test Design phase such as Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence partitioning. Applying different techniques during the Test process makes it more efficient & effective.

Test Design Techniques

Note: Please note that there are multiple factors to be considered before you finalize on all of the above:

  • Client Requirements
  • The development methodology
  • Application or Software type
  • Experience & Expertise of the people
  • Regulatory and legal aspects
  • Costs to be incurred for using different tools, environment setup, resourcing, etc.
  • Risks involved
  • Etcetera

Hope this short article gave you a swift introduction to some of the most important concepts of Software Testing process – Strategy, Approach, Plan & Technique. If yes, then don’t forget to subscribe to get all the latest articles directly in your inbox, for FREE! If not, please feel free to share your views in the comments section below, thanks!

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