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SQL Interview Questions and Answers for Manual Testing | 21 – 33

Continuing on our SQL Interview Questions and Answers series for Manual Testing,

Add a record to table, Add a column to a table, How to change value of the field, How to find unique values, Find names starting with ‘A’, Fetch alternate records from a table, How to display current date, Difference between SUBSTR and INSTR, Select random rows from a table, What is Case Function, How to find second highest salary, How to find third highest salary or nth highest salary!

Interview Questions & Answers

SQL Interview questions for Manual testing | 1 – 20

Now-a-days SQL knowledge has become a must-have for Software Testers. Before diving into SQL, one of the common interview questions is ‘How would you rate yourself in SQL on a scale of 5 or 10?’ Depending on your answer, it can either make or break your opportunity. I have worked on several different applications and some require strong SQL verification skills, some of them required medium skills, and for some, no SQL knowledge. There is a horde of Manual testers out there, i.e. to stand out, AT LEAST you need to be good at SQL. In this article, we will get you started with SQL basics which will act as a pre-requisite for our future articles!