How to Select value from Drop down list in Selenium WebDriver
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How to Select value from Drop down list in Selenium WebDriver

Continuing on our Selenium Beginner’s series, let’s see How to Select value from drop down list in Selenium WebDriver using Java. Hope you have already gone through the previous tutorials…

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Here we will try to select a drop-down value from the Birthday drop-down on login page.

Selenium Installation Testing Tools

Steps for Eclipse Download on Windows

Eclipse is the most widely used Java IDE in the programming world. It contains a base workspace and an extensible plug-in system for customizing the environment. Eclipse itself is written mostly in Java and its primary use is for developing Java applications, but it may also be used to develop applications in other programming languages through the use of plugins. Continuing on our zeal to learn automation via Selenium, let’s learn how to download and start Eclipse IDE.

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What is meant by Selenium WebDriver?

The biggest name in ‘Software Testing’ now-a-days, or at least from few years – Selenium. What’s Selenium? The Android of Web Automation! And what makes it so popular? Yeah! Its open source, but – though free it still need to be useful to gain popularity of such momentum. What makes it so appealing? So useful? Appropriate? Easy-to-use? Powerful? The answer is – Selenium WebDriver!

Selenium Introduction Testing Tools

Selenium Automation tool | The Android of Web Automation Testing

Someone rightly said “If you automate chaos, all you get is faster chaos.” Selenium Automation tool – one phrase & you can either make the opportunity or lose one. The most talked-about technology in Software Testing industry. For most of the people, what is Selenium Automation tool? Yeah! I know, something related to automation. But it needs Java, and I don’t know it. Blah! Blah! Blah! Let’s see what Selenium Automation tool actually is!