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XPath Methods to identify Dynamic Web elements in Selenium

In our earlier post ‘Introduction To XPath | Selenium XPath Examples’ we learnt that XPath is one of the most popular element locator technique in Selenium along with CSS selector, i.e. mastering XPath methods or CSS is essential for the Selenium test automation. We learnt what is XPath, its syntax and types. In this article we will explore some powerful capabilities of XPath methods which open up many new methods for locating complex and even dynamic elements which in the end, make your scripts easier to maintain.

Many a times in automation, we either don’t have unique attributes of the elements or the elements are dynamically generated with the attribute’s value not known beforehand. For cases like these, XPath provide different methods of locating elements like – using the text written over the elements; using element’s index; using partially matching attribute value; by moving to sibling, child or parent of an element which can be uniquely identified etc.