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StartUp vs. MNCs | Learn & Drive more vs. Job Security?

Recently one of my friend joined a StartUp as a Scrum Master. I consulted him regarding a scheduled StartUp interview,

  • Me: Have a scheduled interview at a StartUp. What should I do?
  • He: Awesome! You should go for it dude.
  • Me: But…it’s a startUp.
  • He: That’s the point. In a startUp environment, you get to play multiple roles, learn different technologies, can drive policies, and learn anything you want.
  • Me: What about the Job security?
  • He: Dude, I know our worth. Job Security is for the weak. If you know your technology/domain, you should not fear about it.
  • Me: Yeah! That’s a valid point.

Start-ups give you an opportunity to learn a lot. You need to wear multiple hats. Work in & out. But it pays in the long run. Established MNCs give you a stable job with matured policies. Which one do you prefer if given a chance?

Note: From finance perspective, Start-ups are fast catching up with established MNCs.

Pankaj Katiyar | Senior Technical Lead – SDET at

Totally disagree with job security point. It has no relation with weak or strong skilled… layoff in StartUp is very common because of bad decision or low sales etc. Or if not even in these two then company is looking for some potential buyer and then again – they do firing to reduce cost and when it comes to cost then skill doesn’t matter only cost matters…few recent examples include Snapdeal, Freecharge, Foodpanda, Chocolate Platform etc. So for everyone – it is important to be aware of startup funding and financial health. Because every time you cannot learn in fear of job security – that won’t last long. Mind it.

Ameet Jayawant | Senior Application Architect / Technical Project Manager

Totally agree Pankaj. I just got laid off after 12 years. Decision making makes no sense.

Umang Bansal | Program Manager – MLDP at Amazon

One of the key parameters in taking this decision is the ‘age’ at which you are making this decision. I would prefer to experiment and join a StartUp (without too much of due diligence about company’s financials) in my 20s which will provide me an exponential learning curve to set the base for my 30s, 40s and so on. Regarding job security in case of firing/shutdown, the time you will save in learning the technologies in a startup as compared to that in MNCs can be well compensated for the time in finding your next destination. For the ones in 30s, the only thing you need to do more is the due diligence! 

StartUp OR MNC Job

Vaibhav Laddha | Database & BI Quality Analyst at Dimentrix Technologies

Agree. You learn a lot in a StartUp. But sometimes some Start-Ups pay you less considering the experience & expertise you have. So I would say check the company’s reviews & domain as well.

Deepti Sinha | QA Lead at Compunnel Digital

Make sure you do a thorough check before joining a startup. I have worked in a very good start up plus have also worked in the worst start up. No doubt you learn a lot but before joining start up make sure you check the work environment because some startups just to make the environment. Very cool end up making it uncomfortable for employees. Also, I have seen startups who were hiring people but after few months they were shut down. So take decision wisely!!!

Shanky Sharma | Quality at RIVIGO

I think startup or MNC can give a career path one wants. Of course, both have their pros and cons. It also depends upon an individual’s priority at a given phase of life. One can ask the following questions to himself/herself (just a few examples, there could be more questions):

  1. What’s the priority in your life for next 1 to 5 year(s)? It could be anything – making money, excelling at some specific domain or even your health or family etc.
  2. Would you prefer to excel in one thing or be a jack of all trades? You want to be QA of front end, back end, performance etc. or expert in Selenium?
  3. What kind of role are you looking for? Hands-on, client facing, managerial etc.
  4. How much belief you have in the product idea/impact? Would you like to work on the idea?
  5. Yes, Job security should also be evaluated.

IMO, whenever possible, give priority to learning over money in your career. It gives you compounding interest later 🙂

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