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Job Aspirants, want to advance your career in Software Testing? Searching for the right opportunity in pool of all-skill job portals? Frustrated & disappointed after searching the right job with your skill set? Don’t worry! We can help. With our Testing-focused 65,000+ followers and 3.5Lac+ organic reach – you can aim for the right opportunity and that too via Whatsapp!

  • Only ‘Software Testing’ specific jobs
  • Job opportunities across India
  • Across ALL Experience levels.
  • Real-time opportunities with Contact Emails
  • Start-ups to established MNCs

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What is STS WhatsApp Channel?

STS WhatsApp Channel is a service to share QA Job notifications in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune-Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Ahmedabad, Chennai & Mohali at your WhatsApp number. Yes, you read it right – WhatsApp! All QA Job notifications are sent on your WhatsApp. Once you get the notifications – forward your resume to the respective jobs which match your profile. Subscribe to our WhatsApp Premium Channel to receive regular QA Job updates.

How to Subscribe

To Enroll, you can Transfer the Subscription amount Rs.149 using –

  • PayTM | WhatsApp | Tez | PhonePe to <9606623245>
  • Any Banking App to transfer the amount to our UPI ID “TestingStudio@upi”. UPI ID is nothing but the VPA (virtual payment address).

Why the subscription is paid?

  • A nominal Rs.149 / 2 Month (i.e. minimum 30+ Days notifications) for a whole lot of QA opportunities. Just think about it – only Rs.149.
  • Searching & Organizing QA opportunities and subsequent WhatsApp Management takes time & efforts, SERIOUSLY. Try it yourself just for a Month & you shall know 😉
  • It keeps the wanderers away and we all (including you) tend to be serious.

Software Testing Job Search Notifications

The Subscription Benefits

  • Unlike our Facebook/LinkedIn Page where only some jobs are posted, @WhatsApp you get ALL the QA Job Updates @ your WhatsApp.
  • With WhatsApp, it is easy for you to follow the notifications. Generally you don’t follow the QA opportunities posted at our Social channels on a daily basis.
  • You receive ALL the QA Job notifications first, in the morning. You get an advantage to send your resume early morning.
  • Additionally get some tips-tricks-info updates as well to the WhatsApp Premium Channel.

Points to be noted

  • It is NOT a WhatsApp group. Groups are chaotic with no tracking & everyone sending multiple irrelevant messages throughout the day. It’s a WhatsApp Channel where you will be sent regular QA Job notifications.
  • QA opportunities are segregated on the basis of Experience. We don’t segregate basis Tools-&-Location. You will be receiving ALL QA opportunities that we find for your Work Experience Range.
  • We don’t have any dedicated Channel for Freshers, since we don’t get enough Fresher opportunities.
  • We don’t need the resume. STS is a WhatsApp service for QA Job Notifications. Please forward the resume to email mentioned in the notifications that match your skill set.
  • We don’t guarantee interview calls or job confirmation since it depends on your profile & recruiter’s discretion. And we are at least honest about it.
  • Your Contact# is super-safe. Be sure that we don’t share your Contact# with anybody!
  • It is a WhatsApp-only service. No calls please!

Try it once. Subscribe Today!

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The current Job market is tough & competitive. Many people are stuck in their QA career and some don’t even have a Job. Request you to spread the word about STS or share the WhatsApp Channel details with your QA friends & colleagues. You never know it might help someone in need.

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