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Interview: Program to Reverse a String | Ever used in Selenium?

Other Candidate: Is this recruitment drive only for Selenium Automation testing?

Me: I think so.

Other Candidate: I have given multiple interviews for Selenium. They ask Java programs like reverse a string, rotate a metrics, etc. What I don’t understand is where have you used this in Selenium Automation? It’s not practical!

Selenium & Programming

Programming is integral to IT, and automation is no different. What interviewers are looking for is if you can think of the correct logic or algorithm. It gives them an idea about your logical thinking prowess. Plus some coding syntax will give them the confidence about your practical experience. After all, it all has to be gauged in some hours (or a day) of interview.

On the flip side, take it as an opportunity to learn algorithms. Pick up a language, and start playing with algorithms. Manual Testing alone won’t take you to the top – to stay relevant, stop giving excuses and start coding! (By the way, I already started and still learning :-))

Selenium Programming

Prasad Bhokare | Associate Software Engineer at Bentley Systems

This was the task I was doing for back to back 8 months to set up an infrastructure for a very bulky product which was having wrong way integrated test framework with the product itself (strange but its fact). After working with a broad range of techs I realized the importance of test automation and now before kicking off any development or fixing any defect, I write tests to make sure regression by other developers doesn’t waste my efforts.

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