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Be like Rajinikanth, the Thalaivar! Of Software Testing…

Idol. Inspiration. Role Model. God. And for some even Life. I don’t think Rajinikanth needs any introduction to most of the world. Rajinikanth is a phenomenon. He is a man with a Midas touch. The mere mention of his name will make his fans go berserk. That’s the power of Rajinikanth, the Superstar. With temples on his name and fans ready to devote their lives for the star, Rajinikanth is an enigma who is praised, worshiped and followed in every nook and corner of the country. Put simply, Rajinikanth is a cult brand, developed over years of sheer hard work, dedication, and passion, that promises a great return of investment.

Rajinikanth the Superstar

It’s inspiring to think of how a bus conductor from Bangalore went on to become the highest paid actor in Indian cinema, with his glorious success in the unpredictable and highly competitive industry. Let’s see how one can become Rajinikanth, the Superstar of Software Testing!

Rajinikanth | A Leader, not a Boss!

In addition to his acting skills, Rajinikanth is loved by all for his humility and simplicity. The actor is not just known for his gravity defying stunts and unique acting skills but is also a wonderful human being in real life. He respects all his fans as much as they respect him. Rajinikanth has also been noted for his simplicity. Off the sets, he mostly wears a dhoti kurta. Rajinikanth’s humble presence and charity behind the camera makes him a real hero of the masses.

Every Testing enthusiasts want to climb the ladder of success. Becoming a Manager or Director is not about authority, it’s about leading by example & standing for your team. Always remember – You are a lead when your team supports you, else…

Be Consistent

Success is never overnight. Mind you, Rajinikanth’s brand image as the God of Commercial Entertainers resulted from being consistent for years. It all happened over the years. Though Rajinikanth has been in the field since the late 70s, it was only in the 90s, after Baadshah, he achieved the godlike status among his fans. From character roles to villain to hero, Rajinikanth as a brand has been evolving and adapting to the current trends.

Unless your work is consistent in quality and worthy for your clients other efforts in building a career would be in vain. Be consistent in your work & quality standards, and even in the way you answer client’s call, and you will soon be able to build a brand like Rajinikanth.

Be it mechanical or civil | The background doesn’t matter

Rajinikanth Bus ConductorYour success doesn’t depend upon your origins: Coming from a humble background, Rajinikanth survived by doing odd jobs, he has weathered hardships to become one of the most loved film stars, both on and off screen. Rajinikanth has evolved on his own merits and strengths.

This is one of the most common question among testing enthusiasts. Can I be successful in IT if I am from mechanical background? Should I know some programming language? What about the technical skills? It’s your dedication & passion that drive your career choice.

Be Yourself

When you see Rajinikanth off-screen, many of the people wouldn’t even notice him. He is that simple. In 2007, he was paid Rs 26 crore for a movie, which made him the highest-paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan. Yet Rajinikanth has no airs of stardom and he remains simple and humble.

Never exaggerate your competency to land a job. Be Yourself. Express what you know, what are you learning & what your career goals are.

Build relationships & Stay connected

Rajinikanth has a special guest room for his childhood friend Raj Bahadur at his home who used to be the driver when he was a bus conductor. Rajini visits him secretly in Bangalore and stays at his place for about a week.

Never forget the people who helped you shape your career. Building a relationship is not about ‘stepping stones’, it’s about your personality & character – be it with colleagues or clients.

Build your skills competency

Born Sivaji Rao Gaekwad (in 1950) in a Marathi family, the youngest of four siblings, Rajinikanth, as we know him now, had to take on odd jobs like carpentry and as a coolie, from an early age, to ensure his family could afford three meals a day. While supporting his family, Rajinikanth nurtured his acting talent by participating in several school plays. Later, when he was working as a bus conductor for the Bangalore Transport Service (BTS), he felt drawn to the stage again and began acting in Kannada plays. Rajinikanth joined the Madras Film Institute in 1973 to pursue a diploma in acting. Finally he got his breakthrough into movies in 1975 for a small appearance in a Tamil Film, the language that he mastered on director’s suggestion.

Rajinikanth acting school

We hope you got the point? Before building a successful career, first you need to hone your skills via training & learning!

Continuous Learning is the key

Rajinikanth’s career changed for the good, when he got rejected by K.Balachander the first time. Focusing on the advice lent to him, Rajinikanth developed his own style and learnt Tamil. The rest is history. Even after being hospitalized in 2011 at the age of 61, he stole the hearts of millions of fans by returning to the silver screen, proving that age is no barrier for following your passion.

In the same way, you need to be willing to learn. If you do not know something, you should be willing to learn it and master it. After all, learning is a pursuit!

Diversify your learning’s

Rajinikanth was not a born hero. He played negative roles during the beginning of his career. He was an abusive husband in his debut Tamil film Apoorva Raagangal, sadistic husband in Avargal, a womaniser in Moondru Mudichu and a lust-filled village rowdy in 16 Vayadhinile.

Never settle down in your comfort-zone. To stay relevant, move out & explore the world of new opportunities – a new tool or technology. Technology is ever-changing at a rapid pace, stay ahead of the competition by diversifying your learnings.

Find your ‘Guinness Record’ or ‘Bottleneck’

In the last 25 years, Rajinikanth has not been killed off in a single film. If he did, expect the country to burn. One director tried it many years ago and they discovered that it just should not be done! Not because Rajinikanth is weak, but his fans simply won’t accept it.

As a professional, find your ‘Guinness Record’. There’s always one thing that’s consistent. Find it and spread it across multiple platforms and channels. Just ask people around you – what’s the one thing you hate about me? Once you start collecting feedback, make sure you understand what’s not working. This way you’ll get tangible action points on which you need to act upon urgently.


Rajinikanth reinvented Indian cinema as his film Raja Chinna Roja was the first Indian movie to use animated characters with actors.

Innovation is the demand of new technology era. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small trick to save hours or a new innovative product altogether – the aim should be to think & innovate!

Know your USP

Rajinikanth StyleRajinikanth films are extremely popular for their punch dialogues or one-line catchy phrases that he quips often on the screen. Though he is an actor par excellence, he does whatever it takes to make a film entertaining and a box office success. Forget logic and witness magic is his Unique Selling Proposition.

Come up with a simple, meaningful, and unforgettable USP and your brand will be easily recalled and known. Do some introspection & identify that one thing you do the best that will set you apart from the rest. Don’t hold back or play it down. The more you evangelize what you’re all about, the more unique you become. When you find your ‘unique’ grail that is when you earn an identity, something people will always remember you by.

Learn From Everyone

Rajinikanth, in the start of his career was not that good as an actor. But he used to look and take notes from all the successful actors of that time and started improving. Today he is considered as one of the best actors in the film industry.

Everybody has something to teach. Everything has his/her USP. Don’t ignore it, learn from it. Speak, interact & take guidance from your colleagues & mentors. You should not feel shy or hesitant.

Let your work speak for you

When was the last time you read a Rajinikanth interview? Chances are it was a long time ago, as they’re extremely rare — the superstar is famously reticent when it comes to speaking about himself to the press. Even though the media follows him everywhere he goes, he’s one of very few celebrities who prefer to let their work do the talking.

Never compromise on Quality

Rajinikanth hasn’t donned the role of a brand ambassador till date. Perhaps, he is the only Indian superstar who hasn’t appeared in any advertisement.

The golden rule for any profession – Never ever compromise on the quality of your work!

Struggle is a stepping stone

Rajinikanth StruggleRajinikanth had to go through some of the worst struggles that one could ever imagine. Born to a Police Constable, and after the death of his mother, Rajinikanth had to do all kinds of jobs to support his family. He has worked as a Carpenter, Coolie and a Bus Conductor before joining the Indian Cinema. In Cinema too he had to struggle his way to the top position.

There will be lots of obstacles and struggle that you need to go through to achieve your dream job. It is important that you do not quit. You have to rise from the failures to succeed and achieve your dream. Do not lose hope when you encounter these obstacles, learn to turn every obstacle into an opportunity to achieve your goal.

Success has humble beginnings

Humble RajinikanthIn 1975, when Rajini made his big-screen debut in Apoorva Raagangal, he had a very small role to play. With Kamal Hassan playing the lead role of hero, his performance as a villain was noticed by few. Still, it helped him bag several negative roles over the next two years, until he was finally cast in a lead role in the Telugu film Chilakamma Cheppindi, directed by S P Muthuraman in the year 1975. And there’s been no looking back.

Your dream career will be built starting from a software tester. First learn the art of Software Testing & kthen move up the ladder, step by step!

Take the responsibility

In 2008, Rajinikanth’s movie ‘Kuselan’ was released. Soaring expectations plummeted in a matter of days and the movie was declared an unprecedented flop. Theatre owners across the country were livid about the loss in collections. All it took to fix this chaos was a statement from Rajinikanth, the man himself, accepting his mistake. He then went further in actually returning the money to the theatre owners who had purchased the film. Now, when his next movie released, who were the first ones to buy the movie? The very same people!


What do you do when things go south? How do you deal with a displeased manager or a bad appraisal? Do you ignore the development areas & try to justify yourself? Or just take the feedback positively and find a way to put things straight? It’s completely normal to slip up and make mistakes. Learn to turn an unhappy situation into a delightful one and by doing so, you just might have won back the trust of those disgruntled people!

Understand Business & Client expectations

Rajinikanth is precise about his target audience. His market is people who want to forget themselves and have a good time with their family while watching movies. His films never fail to please them. One of the reasons for Rajinikanth’s exceptional success is his sharp focus on serving to the taste of the mass crowd. Because he knows his target market so well, he doesn’t give a damn about critics or make movies for art lovers.

Know your client’s domain & business – & that’s when you can test applications perfectly. That way you can also suggest some enhancements. Be the master of domain knowledge. Clearly understand the client’s or Manager’s expectations, what is that you are hired for & give in your best shot!

Rajinikanth Kabali

With Rajinikanth’s upcoming film Kabali’s already shattering all popularity records set by Indian movies and garnering a critical reception from audiences, the movie, slated for release tomorrow, can expect a huge turnout and can hopefully satiate the audiences’ expectations of a blockbuster from the superstar again.

Be like Thalaiva!

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