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There are two kind of Manager. Or may be Many?

There are two kind of Manager. One, hire the resources – get the work done.

  • Onshore: Testing was not up-to-mark. Team is not competent.
  • Manager: Oh is it? Yeah! Team here is a bit slack. Let me check. Will do something.

Other, build a team – together deliver the work.

  • Onshore: Testing was not up-to-mark. Team is not competent.
  • Manager-to-Onshore: Oh is it? On what grounds? My team here has put in a lot of efforts to make this delivery successful. They all have worked very hard. And if there is a failure, we ALL need to retrospect.
  • Manager-to-Team: We have worked very hard. Well Done! But the delivery was not up to the mark. We need to retrospect. As a team, what do you think can be done better the next time?

A strong manager backing the team is the foundation to a successful team. A team succeeds when you entrust them to deliver & have full confidence in their caliber. It’s like a family, no one should point at your team for weakness 😉 at the same time internally you might need to introspect & keep improving. What say?

QA Manager

Jeff Nyman | Quality and Test Specialist

I would argue there are actually many kinds of managers.  Between “get the work done” and “deliver the work” there is a spectrum of activity and behavior that people will tend to exhibit. And sometimes managers may vacillate between the two modes you describe, based on pressures they are feeling.

None of this is to dismiss your overall point which I realize is a contrast between distinct behaviors. But, speaking as one who has worked as a manager often, it’s not so binary of a distinction. Any more than a manager saying “There are two kinds of employees: bad and good.” It’s (usually) not that simple.

As far as “introspect and keep improving”, some people do take that as someone pointing out weaknesses. There are some people such that unless they are getting praise feel they are being put down. But there’s nothing wrong with being honest and truthful and saying we (as a team) are “weak” in certain areas and need to improve certain skills.

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