Industry Wisdom

Never Miss an Opportunity to Learn!

Once upon a time,

Manager: Let’s train QA team on Selenium Webdriver (Java). We have a dedicated Automation team, but would like other testers to contribute as well.

Handle way too many Defects - poor build

Exploratory QA: Sure. But we are already stretching for functional tests. How to make time for learning & implementing automation as well?

Manager: That you will have to manage. We cannot leave exploratory tests.

That was an opportunity in disguise, which I regret missing. We were too busy with exploratory tests and thought it also has a bright career around lead & management roles. Couldn’t gauge that industry was fast moving towards automation. Lesson learned – Current competencies are important, but we need to have a long-term vision. It’s important to be aware of the IT industry trends. The industry will change. Choice is yours – up-skill now (relatively easy) OR up-skill when you get stuck (it’s hard, believe me).

What do you think? Any suggestions/insights…

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