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7 Online Tools for a top-notch Resume writing

An interesting and well-paid job can be found only in case you submit a job-winning resume. Technological boost has greatly contributed to the modern world and today it is out-of-date to write resumes on the sheet of paper with the pen. Obviously, it will be one of the first papers thrown by recruiters into the dustbin. If you apply for a decent vacancy in the reputable company, your resume should be outstanding both in content and design. That can be achieved with the help of modern online tools. Let’s see what tools can help you to present yourself in the modern and professional manner.


LinkedIn Resume

There is hardly any better website than LinkedIn where a potential employer can learn much about a job-seeker. Even if it can not be called a resume building tool, its significance should not be underestimated. Almost every recruiter tries to find information on the Web about a job-seeker who interested him. These might be pages in the social networks, but most often it is a LinkedIn profile. Some agencies even offer to create an impressive LinkedIn account to convince recruiters in their right choice. That is why it is of the utmost importance to state your education, experience, completed projects with examples, list of skills as accurately as possible. It will not be a waste of time, as some tools can use this data for real resume generating.

Do You Buzz

DoYouBuzz is a very useful website for resume building. As soon as you register on the site you can create your resume from scratch inserting necessary information or upload data from the LinkedIn account. There are many interesting templates to choose from with various color schemes. When you finish it, the paper can be downloaded in three formats: Word, PDF and Open Office or you can share it using the link to your account.

CV Maker

This tool is great for beginners as it offers a fill-in-the-blanks format, so there is no need to think of the resume structure. If you wish to rearrange sections, you can use an easy-to-customize editor or add new sections in accordance with your preferences. There are over half a million downloaded CVs in three formats: PDF, TXT and HTML. The tool also supports 17 languages and allows editing your resume on a regular basis.

Online CV Generator

If you do not wish to waste time for sign up, Online CV Editor was created for you. It is enough to open the website and press the button “Start your CV”. There are several sections stated at the top of the page to fill in with information. The home page explains you what a CV is and how it should be written. The next sections are Basics to provide personal data, Education, Jobs and Skills. When you fill in all the blocks and press a “Finish” button, you are offered to save your paper in PDF format. All the information should be filled in manually as there is no export function on the site.

Live Career

LiveCareer is one of the best resume building tools available on the Web. Its vast functionality helps to create convincing and appealing resumes. The website requires registration to be able to save and edit your resume. The list of features is also quite impressive:

Live Career Resume writing

  • A variety of templates;
  • Import of the previously written resume;
  • Spellchecker;
  • Online formatting;
  • Possibility to print, download a resume or send it by email;
  • 5 formats for download: DOC, TXT, PDF, RTF, HTML.

The website also offers the latest job news, tips for resume writing and a lot of interesting information on this topic.

Resume Genius

Resume Genius calls itself the smartest resume builder in the world. It offers over 20 downloadable resume templates, over 50 thousand useful career phrases, ask-an-expert service for a resume to be looked through by an editor and an opportunity to export a file in two formats: PDF and Word.

When you start your resume building process, the guide offers you to fill in the information in every section step-by-step. You can add new sections and follow the progress of resume writing too.

Career Igniter

Career Igniter is another useful online service for job-seekers. It offers a variety of useful information on career advice, job search, and salary. There is also a free resume builder that is easy to use. You should fill in the information in several sections suggested by the service and can download it or share it with one click. There are also many designers templates that can set your resume apart and make it be noticed.

Job Search Technical Resume

Resume writing is a very responsible task as this paper may decide your destiny. Impress and persuade with a top-notch resume created with the help of the services mentioned above, but remember that the content plays the most important role. No matter whether you write a resume of a software tester (opt for details at ….) or a nurse, your content should reflect your strengths and make you stand out among other competitors – only in this case the desired job will be yours.

Author: Ann Brown

Ever since childhood, I realized that I should help people, and as I grew older I understood exactly how I would do it best … During my life I acquired a rich experience in recruiting , and this inspired me to help people exactly in this sphere. Having analyzed dozens of “so-called” personally written resumes I came to the conclusion that IT specialists need a practical advice on resume composing.

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