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Micro Management kills the trust? Or is it necessary?

Colleague-1: The task is done. Let’s go for a coffee.

Colleague-2: Yeah sure. I am also done with this task.

Coffee Break. The clock keeps ticking somewhere.

Manager: Where have you been?

Team: We went for a coffee break.

Manager: So much time for a break? I see we are taking too many breaks. Please be professional.

Micro Management kills the trust. Or it proves that there is no trust at the first place. And Freedom breeds innovation. It is when you give people the power & the freedom that ideas originate. And one out of five/ten ideas works out to be superb.

It is when you trust in your team that they perform. When they know you are backing them. You believe in them & in their work. In their potential. A strong manager have full trust is his/her team – it is about the tasks, work and the value-adds, innovation. It is not about ‘controlling’, it’s about ‘managing’. Ever had a micro-management incident in your team? How did it impact the team morale? Or how a strong manager built the trust & team pulse?

Micro Management

Craig Bachman Jr, UXC | Experience Design & Research Leader

I believe this is only half of the equation! Mindset, culture and creativity also play a big part in “innovation”! But as human beings, if left to our own devices, we will screw around. That’s why managers are terrible leaders. They should be the ones constantly fostering the mindset, the culture and the creativity. Always collaborating with team members. If they are doing this, there wouldn’t be a need for employees to want to go get coffee! The “leader” would bring in coffee to share with employees and facilitate creative, encouraging collaborating exercises that engage employees!

That’s what I would do anyway!

On another note… the human brain can only process so many things in a given amount of time. I’d prefer the break every now and then to refresh and dump the brain for a reboot for better quality thinking.

Yuvraj Chhabra | Senior Project Manager at Persistent Systems

Coffee breaks, intent of manager is not wrong here, when you want to work and some people in team are on long coffee breaks, it impact productivity of whole team. Manager needs to realize micromanagement is really irritating, and will not solve problem, solution is engaging team.


Micro management always keep innovation. Please understand during breaks also people are not discussing their personal life & 90% they are putting their input on the current tasks / or project. Now other fellow either of same department or cross functional team member – in both case it will give valuable input & new thoughts on projects/ task.

Dhaval Makwana

Being a manager in a typical Indian company, it is spontaneous that you would be expected to do micro management. Sometimes, you may find even top management doing micro-management. Therefore, and this is also one of the reasons – why for workers in India MNCs are the dream companies!

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