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Automation Testing is instrumental in improving Software Quality | Along with Manual Testers

Experts and Influencers from the Software Testing industry say that – Software Testing is one such process that has no end and it demands for improvement every now and then. Testing teams strive to deliver a well-tested software that can provide a seamless user experience in terms of functionality, performance and security. The ever-evolving scope of improvement in the Software Testing process to deliver a better-quality software compels to adopt new approaches. Manual Testers are finding it hard to stay relevant in today’s evolving technology landscape.

Automation Testing is one among those new approaches that organizations were looking at, to improve the quality of the software that they deliver. Automation Testing has not just become a tool to improve software quality, but also it is not less than a boon to reduce the time and cost on software testing before a release.

There is a compel on manual testers to become automation testers because of the race in which organizations are striving to achieve their business goals.

Adoption of Automation Testing has not become enough for organizations to be empowered to meet the pressing demands of their clientele. To get the most out of the automation testing, organizations have been trying to achieve the highest possibility of automating their testing; still, this hasn’t helped them to achieve business goals which are faster time to market and delivering the highest quality software.

With organizations looking to achieve the maximum automation possible for testing, it has become essential for their existing manual testers to learn automation testing or else they are left with the only option to be replaced by automation test engineers. For manual testers, learning automation testing is just nothing but learning programming to automate the test cases leveraging open source or commercial automation testing tools.

Manual Testers are the Backbone for Software Quality

The transformation of manual testers as automation test engineers or their replacement by automation test engineers will impact the quality of the software deliverables. Manual testers with the knowledge that they gleaned while testing a software is an invaluable asset, which helps in strategizing defect detection and in adding value to the software. Whereas, automation testing which is done by automation test engineers cannot achieve that, because they focus on scripting; not on building test cases to test the software comprehensively.

Manual testers, with the knowledge of software and with the incomparable testing skills, are vital for the success of a software testing process, whereas automation testing is just an accelerator to help the manual testers in doing their job faster. Instead of adopting automation as a tool to accelerate software quality and reduce time to market, organizations are making a shift towards automation aggressively by replacing manual testers and this would impact their business goals heavily.

Automation testing has emerged to automate repetitive tasks

If we look at the emergence of automation testing, it has evolved to automate the repetitive task of manual testing; for example, when there is a change in “application under test”, a regression test suite is run to validate whether the change has impacted the existing functionality and related components or not. In agile, change is the only thing that is consistent, so executing regression test suite manually every time when there is a change becomes a tedious job. Thus, the automation testing has evolved to automate such kind of tasks and contribute alongside manual testing for software quality. But now it is completely over taking manual testing by replacing manual testers.

Manual Testers are the key to unlock the door to Software Quality

Manual testers with application knowledge and domain expertise will help the testing process to drive in the right direction, especially if it is a niche segment like core banking, insurance, healthcare and others.

Enabling Manual Testers to do Automation with ClicAutomate

The idea of ClicAutomate, an off-the-shelf product of ClicTest is to empower manual testers, who are the backbone for an application quality. Manual testers empowered with ClicAutomate can do automation testing and alongside they can leverage their application and domain expertise for exploratory testing to explore defects that are the bottleneck for a seamless user experience, even after the application has become stable. ClicAutomate helps in creating test cases to achieve maximum out of their testing adeptness and provide value addition to the client by finding those defects that are hidden and not evident from the client requirements.

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