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Why are you looking for a Job Change?

And suddenly you know…it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. One of the Interviewer’s favorite question is Why are you looking for a Job Change? And how do you answer that can make or break the outcome. It might sound greedy – or that you have not learnt anything technical at your previous job – or that you are not a team player – or just that you are a Job hopper. Be intelligent, and answer aptly.

Why are you looking for a Job Change?

Why looking for a Job Change

Yeah! Today I am resigning from my current organization. Often asked about ‘Why are you leaving your current Organization?’ – I feel there is no single reason. Leaving a company which has been your half-home for years is a professional as well as emotional decision. It’s an important decision which can be (& mostly is) a result of multiple factors,

  • A feeling of being Stagnant. It’s important to move out of your comfort zone to try something new.
  • Career Growth. To explore new technologies and work on something exciting.
  • Financial advancement, it’s obvious. Everyone need to support increasing personal responsibilities.
  • In search of work that aligns with future technology vision.

Work pressure is seldom a reason for company switch. So is conflict. Both are manageable and helps in being competent.

What was your reason to switch the company?

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