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Kualitee – A Defect Tracking Tool You Were Looking For

Defect tracking is a testing-critical strategy that QA engineers utilize to understand the loopholes in the product’s quality and what further improvements it requires to reach the desired results. Software testing has to be intuitive and vast, and thus it has to be logical and yields measureable results. That’s the reason why the success of SDLC greatly depends on accurate bug tracking.

In this domain, a fine defect tracking tool is crucial in software testing activities to streamline bug reporting, while accelerating delivery silos.

Sometimes, it’s hard to convey the defects and their severity to the stakeholders instantly however, a convenient defect tracking app won’t let you feel the testing anxiety.

Collectively, an efficient defect management tool has many features to benefit a testing team such as delivering a high quality product, improving ROI by decreasing the development cost, promoting better communication and maintaining teamwork, understanding defects in the early stages, approving improved service and CX.

Typically, a pro defect tracking tool follows this framework:

Capturing > Recording > Accountability > Prioritization > Resolving > Reviewing


Kualitee is an advanced defect tracking tool that assures to provide every benefit its users anticipate for. 

Kualitee is a cloud-based application that has an army of powerful defect tracking features to enhance your testing activities, including ALM, lifecycle management as well as the defect management. It detects defects in the initial stages of development that saves the team from consuming extra time and exertion. Earlier defect identification streamlines testing team’s efforts at a manageable pace since they get frequent opportunities to fix the loopholes and ship a flying high product in the end.

Kualitee Defect Tracking Tool

Moreover, it allows the testers get a better understanding of the defect by viewing it from various formats, mediums, and repositories.

Let’s get into the details:

Defect Management

The ultimate defect management tool ensures to provide its users a complete view of the defect types and let them understand the bug severity. Once the defect is recorded in the log, the users can track it through multiple sources getting into the roots of the problem.

Furthermore, the defect tracking app enables its users to preview the bug backlog anytime with the help of plenty information pointers.

Treat those tormenting bugs, whatever way you want with Kualitee!

Information Rich Format

The interactive and information rich format of Kualitee lets the users manage and detect bugs in the most well-organized way. You can throw multiple test cases on the powerful dashboard and can easily detect any hidden anomalies through the information rich format. Moreover, you can also trace defects while the test cycles run back and forth.

Detecting defects were never that easy, right?

Custom Bug Reporting

Kualitee’s defect tracking tool lets its users extract easy-to-understand reports out of the complex defect origins. The underlying integrations present in the tool adds the side support, while making an analytical bug report that corresponds with the business requirements and analogies.

Set of Integrations

Kualitee has three powerful integrations, JIRA, Jenkins, and Bitbucket Pipelines, working within its infrastructure. These integrations allow the testers to manage defects and bugs more skeptically. They greatly help in maintaining a test management rhythm, creating, planning, organizing, generating, and releasing test cases without causing any distressing delays.

The highly interlinked architecture enables you to log and report defects without using any particular modules and test cycles.

You can collaborate your favorite testing tools with the help of these integrations and get even more productive end-results.

Besides, these integrations make testing FUN!

Customized Roles

Do you imagine working in a hassle-free environment where every role and rule is defined? Defect management tool Kualitee makes it true by enabling the admin or lead manager to define roles on the basis of some already fixed privileges. These roles align the assigned jobs and only a few can grant permissions. This is how the discipline is maintained and targets are achieved.

Other features:

  • Hassle-free software
  • User-friendly interface
  • Laser focus visibility
  • Flexible user controls
  • Attractive Layout

Kualitee Mobile App

Defect Tracking app? Yes, with Kualitee it’s possible! The mobile app is as responsive as its desktop version. The smart defect tracking is compatible with iOS and android devices.       

Read on to know the important in-app features of Kualitee Mobile App:

  • Defect Tracking

The mobile app offers the handiest defect management ever. You just need to install the app and see how smartly you can maintain the testing and test management workflow. The information rich format lets you look through the odds and helps you identify bugs in the end. Study these bugs thoroughly through various formats and medium no matter wherever you are.

  • Bulk Approval

The proficient mobile app lets you approve or disapprove test cases. Without hassling to sit straight in front of the system, you can simply log in your mobile and make several approvals in the real-time possible.

  • Quick Status Report

No matter where you are, your favorite mobile application and get a quick status report about the test cases and bugs that have been fixed or are not fixed. Never feel left out when you are traveling or far from work because the Kualitee app will give you itsy bitsy detail about the tasks assigned and done.

  • Integrations

The defect tracking app has all the three whopper integrations, JIRA, Jenkins, and Bitbucket Pipelines. The mobile version and the integrations make the defect management more rigorous and rapid. Creates and generates pipelines and help in bug reporting instantly.

  • Create Defect Reports

No matter you are not online at the desktop version, you can still make flexible and concise defect reports and provide a rapid analytical report about the test cases and defects to the team.

  • You only Need Internet!

No plug-ins, servers, any software app installations, or environments are required to log into Kualitee because internet connection is the only source you need to run the application.

So, sit on your comfy sofa, log into the app, and begin defect tracking instantly.

About Kualitatem

Kualitatem is the manufacturer of Kualitee. It is an Agile-based QA testing and Consulting firm that has shaped multiple mega businesses and strengthened their stability pillars worldwide.

The IT company provides several testing services as well as security testing services as well.

Kualitatem aspires to become a global QA leader and its defect tracking tool Kualitee is just a step ahead.

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