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Interviewer: What if I give you a team of all Freshers?

Ideally every team should maintain a bell curve. That being said, this was a recent discussion I had with one of the seniors. ‘Freshers are lenient, reckless & lack professionalism/experience’ he said. But that is the whole point. Everyone was a fresher once. Freshers are enthusiastic to embark on their professional journey, are not bounded by professional processes, can think out-of-the-box. Just that they need proper guidance, relevant training & due diligence.

Though I would prefer a bell curve in my team to maintain the balance, at the same time I would love to mentor Freshers on their path to professional success. Who knows I might also learn a few things from the younger lot J as per me, the only challenge would be to convince Freshers that “There can be a bright career in Software Testing as well.” since most of the Freshers (even some experienced ones) believe that ‘There is no career in Software Testing’. Once convinced, it is just a matter of training them to come up to speed.

Your thoughts?

Freshers Team

Brijesh Deb | Agile Testing Evangelist – Helping Teams Test Better!

I have worked on projects where the strategy was to hire only freshers and it worked out pretty well for us. We could tap into the the enthusiasm and freedom of thought of the testers.

Vaibhav Laddha | Database & BI Quality Analyst at Dimentrix Technologies

Very well said. I also started as a fresher n have learned a lot of things. The reason my company prefers Freshers is that they have a lot of enthusiasm of learning. They listen & if the seniors are very much open minded they do share their thoughts on any subject related to testing 🙂

Jaimin Shah | QA Engineer at Lodestone Software Services

It can be the best opportunity to have a whole team of fresher. Fresher are like blank book in which we can write anything good and knowledgeable we want.

Most important everybody is fresher once.

Ruchit Chanchawat | Product and QA Operations Lead

I  have faced such scenarios in my organization when I  lead a Team of Freshers  for few Projects, most importantly your responsibilities as a lead gets increased and also u need to sit with them to make them understand their tasks, tools, concept and Technology. You need to treat them like kids, as a good lead you also need to manage their professional and personal needs mentor and guide them towards a rewarding career.

Nimasha Jain | Consultant at GlobalLogic

Exactly. Freshers need to understand QA is good job. Rest is mentoring and gearing them up which is easy than to do with experienced.

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