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Getting things Done? Nah! Communication Skills are equally Important

He: I might not be good in spoken English Communication, but I can still complete my tasks right?

Me: Yeah! Individually you are good as a Tester, but what about being a ‘Lead/Manager/Mentor/Leader’?

Communication is important. “Excellent Communication Skills – a must” is always one of the Job descriptions. If not explicitly written, it is implicitly understood. One of the most important qualities recruiters look for in candidates is their ability to communicate clearly. You might be technically good, but you don’t work in silos. People work & achieve as a team. Communication is not just about the language but putting across your ideas in a simple manner, clear in understanding.

How good is the candidate at explaining ideas. With globalization, you are required to interact regularly with your co-located team, as well as people from onshore & client’s team. So, it is extremely important that you know the common language well – which in most cases is English. As you move up the ladder, it is much more important to communicate clearly & then getting your ideas well implemented. Why do you think most of the successful people have one thing in common – they are all good orators!


Darshan Zarkar | Software Engineer at OPT-source Technologies

Communication skills are most important. I have gone through this experience and it helped me a lot while communicating with your client from around the globe. Different people have different ascents and as a key responsible person, you need to properly communicate with the vendors and understand their requirement.

Brijesh Deb | Agile Testing Evangelist – Helping Teams Test Better!

To me the word “Excellent” is subjective. Because when you say excellent I would ask “by what standards? “ What you need for ideation, expression and most importantly collaboration is “Effective” communication which will unquestionably make you an excellent communicator. What say?

Meeta Mukund Dayama | QA Tester at Secret Location

I believe most of the times it’s about communicating the right person on the right time in a right way. I had an ex colleague who would always report a client logged defect to my manager when my manager would be in good mood. It’s not the emotional aspect that I am highlighting but definitely the right way to communicate.

Jaimin Shah | QA Engineer at Lodestone Software Services

100% right. People think only Technical skills are important. I’d seen Team Leads and Floor Managers who are really WORST when it comes to communication. You tell them to convey something and they are HORRIBLE. Sometimes it really TRAUMATIZE me. In fact my MANAGER/TL can’t to good Written or Oral Communication which in turn had helped me communicate more with client.

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