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Popular & Best iPhone Emulator (+iPad) for Windows PC

“You cannot test iOS Apps without an iPhone or a MacBook” – are you one among the many who think so? Everything about Apple being proprietary, many of us tend to think so. But let me tell you – It’s partially true – You cannot skip the real-device testing altogether, but before reaching there you can surely perform a thorough App test using iPhone Emulator / Simulator (for Windows). Yeah! You read it right.

iPhone Emulator

iPhone emulator and simulator for Windows

Before jumping on to the best iPhone emulators available for Windows, please go through my previous postEmulator, Simulator & Real-device Testingto understand the concept. If you don’t have an iPhone or a MacBook, then putting your hands on the iPhone emulators is the ultimate choice you are left with. Today in this post, I have collated some of the best iPhone emulators and simulators for Windows system.


iPadian is the most used & top rated iPhone emulator (+iPad) for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs that easily runs any iOS app or game. iPadian is a free iOS emulator which includes the complete iOS interface and a custom app store that gives you the complete iPad feel and experience. The Emulator has a very decent user interface which can be used by all types of people instantly. Among all the other emulators, iPadian is most preferred by experts and developers because of the advancement it carries.

The most amazing thing about this software is that, it keeps getting updates. Which means whenever a new iOS version is released, this iPhone emulator will display it on your PC, so you can update it and enjoy the newest version of iOS. The only weak point about the iPadian is it takes bit long time for the installation.

The iPadian has 2 variants – free and paid (10$). Both works almost same, but on paid version you get some more features and functionality than the free one. With the paid version you can install any iOS app like WhatsApp or snapchat. You can also enjoy an ad free experience.

Steps: Download the iPadian simulator (.exe) file on your pc >> Run the .exe file and Install >> Run iPadian from your Windows desktop >> Search and browse for apps or games from the iPadian App Store interface >> Click on the app/game you want to access and start using it.

Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone is another one of best iPhone Emulator for Windows which replicates the iPhone’s Graphical User Interface. It’s a truly wholesome package as you can make calls, receive calls, send voice messages, and add contacts as well apart from running all the iOS apps. With Air iPhone you can install and run almost all the iOS apps on your PC that’s also for free. Testers can use this emulator to see what the iPhone is all about ‘looks-wise’. To run Air iPhone you’ll need Adobe AIR.

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is one of the best iPhone emulator for PC in terms of developer support. Being tied-up with Apple, Xamarin Testflight also gives a platform to deploy your apps and test them. If you are looking to test your developed apps then this iPhone emulator for Windows will help you a lot. It’s not free, but it’s worth every penny.

iPhone Simulators

It is one of the best emulators for iOS that lets you access to iPhone apps and games on your Windows PC. With Simulator, you can test drive under-developed apps to find out the major issues in it. It contains high quality graphics and interface which exactly clone an iPhone. The major disadvantage of this simulator is you cannot get access to the Apple App Store and few of the apps cannot be accessed by default. It is a free program which can be easily installed on your computer.

iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is a Google Chrome extension that works as a cloud OS and a simulator in Chrome browser. This extension provides you an iPad interface on your PC and you can use the iMessage app to send messages to your friend using an iPad. On replying, you’ll get notifications within the extension which is one of the best features it carries. The key features of this Chrome extension are: Get Siri without an iPad, Access everything on the cloud, Launch and connect the simulator with web service with a single click, Simple and elegant iPad interface and Drag and drop apps.

MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is another great program to run iPhone emulator on your windows computer laptop pc. The most amazing thing, which makes it more useful than iPadian is that MobiOne Studio works for developing cross platform mobile apps, it means you can run both iOS and Android OS apps and games on your windows laptop / PC.

With MobiOne you can build status notifications on desktop, share app and webapp links via email, configure you app to run in iPhone and iPad, app branding with custom icons, view status of your app with the AppCenter Progress view and automatically download the app installation file on your computer on completion of a project. Developers will be able to easily test their apps and games from this emulator more instantly without having any issues. Even a not technical person too can built an iOS app from this Emulator.

The one problem is that it’s not free and comes with only a 15 day free trial pack.


Smartface Emulator

Smartface is an iPhone emulator that helps develop cross platform native iOS apps. It is a full featured enterprise mobility management platform that reduces cost, increases productivity, removes dependency and provides strategic mobility solutions. Smartface provides full debugging options for iOS apps which help the app developer flexibility to work with it and develop apps. The main features of Smartface are – Plugins support to extend Smartface apps, JavaScript library, testing apps and debugging and Enterprise plugins and services. (Online Emulator)

The most simplest and easy to use. All you need to do is upload your iOS App bundle on, and then it can be streamed from the cloud to any of your devices be it your PC / Mac / Android Phone / Tablet etc. Thus, is a great way to experience iOS apps on Android phones as the apps are streamed from the cloud, hence no extra configuration hardware is required. Another good thing about this website is that you can also upload .apk file on it and it will run that too. So even if you are looking for an online android emulator, you can use this. offers a free 7-day trial which is enough to get a look and feel of Apple iOS, the keyboard, menus etc. (Online Emulator) is another alternative to which provides iOS & android app deployment on the cloud. Moreover you can also run android apk files on it because it works like an android emulator too. When you visit the website, it will ask you to upload .ipa file. which it will process and convert into app that you can use online. Once you have uploaded the file it will be converted into an App & there you go – the ‘Emulated App’ link will be emailed to you!

And in addition to app deployment Appetize also provides a free live iOS demo which can be used by everyone to have a complete peek into iPhone. However, you cannot install any app in the demo emulated device.

iPhone Simulator

So if you are having issues with purchasing an iPhone or iPad but still want to put your hands on iOS apps, hope by now you understand ‘How to run iOS Apps / Games on your Windows PC’ ? Though there are many more iPhone emulators available, but according to me emulators mentioned above are best in their class.

If you know about any other good iPhone emulator for PC, then do let me know about it via comments below. For best Android emulators, please visit my earlier post “Best, Popular & Free Android Emulators for Windows PC”. If you liked the article, spread the word & don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues ?

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